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Sister School Pittsburgh High School

A sister school partnership is a meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable long term partnership between two schools aimed at fulfilling a range of purposes as determined by the school communities. Sister school partnerships can be intrastate, interstate, or international and are based on the principles of mutual benefit and reciprocity. Dublin High School has partnered with Pittsburgh High School. This school has a relatively new aquatics tradition. This partnership will benefit is aimed at bringer the aquatics community to the greater Bay Area.

Sister school partnerships can be aimed at:

  • Broadening students’ perspectives
  • Developing students’ intercultural understanding
  • Enhancing student language and learning
  • Contributing to a whole school program of internationalism
  • Building teacher capacity

Other types of benefits:

  • Exchange of gear, equipment, apparel
  • Interconnecting schools at future championship meets
  • Developing friendly, healthy, and productive competition

Items to donate (should be in working condition):

  • Competition/practice suits (i.e. Drag Suits, Tech Suits, Water Polo Suits, etc.)
  • Googles
  • Swim Caps
  • Swim Bags
  • Swim Parkas (for high schoolers)
  • Water Polo Balls
  • Fins, Kick boards, Buoys, Paddles
  • Other training equipment, swim apparel, etc.

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